Friday, September 18, 2009

R.I.P. Good coffee

You are reading the post of a broken hearted man. After being assured that my Keurig machine would work here with a converter, I now have no coffee machine. It ran one cycle, and much to my delight, I had a wonderful cup of Kona in just seconds. While attempting to refill itself, it shut down. Completely. I am hoping to have it fixed upon return to the U.S. because as I just found out, it would cost approximately 140 pounds to fix. That is about $235. And it still wouldn't work here, because I also found out, that it is more powerful than my TV, Computer, Printer and Xbox 360 combined.
So I gone from this

to this

And was hoping to go back to the prettier picture, but alas, I am stuck for awhile with the ol soluble yuck.
Keurig isn't even available here or for UK power. Oh, how the day has turned.
Also, our box spring doesn't fit up the stairs to our bedroom, so...its the air mattress for us tonight. Which would be ok...if I had a good cup of coffee to awake to.


mbutler said... can't seem to catch a break! Sorry, Son!

mbutler said...

Found this on Debenhams

JMBreen said...

Two words...french press. No converters needed.