Sunday, August 3, 2014

A Year Late(r)

A year ago I had plans to go to Denver for a beer trip with my cousin. Things happen, life got in the way, and we ended up in Asheville, NC instead. Which, by the way, is also a heck of a beer trip. Enjoyed some great beers at some new-to-me breweries, met some great people, and had a good time with my cousin. But I felt sad I'd missed Denver. Just a little.
Fast forward to today. I'm about 30 hours from arriving in Denver. I've just finished packing. I'm drinking a Jester King Boxer's Revenge (with some other treats to follow) trying to clear cellar room for what is sure to be a significant haul upon my return. 
I. Am. Excited. 
Now the caveat. This is not a beer trip. Make no mistake, I always work in beer--and Mrs Butler is great about accommodating that--but this is a family trip. 12+ hours drive with the kids. Museums. Zoos. Pools. The great outdoors. 
And you know what? I think I may be even more excited.
To many, that may sound like a buzzkill on a trip to a beer Utopia, but for me, it sounds like an adventure. I'll still get to taste a boatload of new beers. I'll still work in a couple breweries. I'll still be bringing back a bunch of beer to enjoy here at home, hopefully with friends. On top of that? I get to share it with the family. 
We love museums. We love zoos. We love natural scenic beauty. Pools? I'll leave that to my girls. Well, ok, fine. I'll play nice.
We also get to see some old friends and take in a baseball game...and it just so happens the Cubs are in town to play the Rockies. 
No. I promise. We did NOT plan that.
Early plans have us hitting TRVE, Great Divide, Crooked Stave and hopefully Trinity Brewpub. Along with Falling Rock Taphouse & Vine Street Pub & Brewery. For one week, that is plenty. Sure if I was just on a guy's trip, we'd hit more breweries. Sure, there wouldn't be museums, there'd be golf. There wouldn't be great outdoors, there'd be great beer gardens. No zoos, more bars. And sure, that would be great.
But I'll take the animals, the museums, baseball and the scenery with my family. Maybe I'm getting old, and that's ok. 
I'm just excited to go.