Thursday, September 17, 2009

The bed is yet to come...

Okay, so admittedly I am not always the best at taking a long-term view of things. One of my several-ok many-faults. The fact that I recognize this at least, I believe, is good. I am pretty decent at knowing what I am not good at, just not great at fixing it. I guess we can add that to the list of faults. Wait, don't really make a list. Surely you have something better to do.

Currently, I am less than happy about our current posting. I am trying to remind myself we are only a month into it, and perhaps 6 months or a year down the road these will all be distant memories. Yes, Mom and Dad, I remember I didn't want to go to Germany and ended up loving it. No it is not the same. I am three times as old now. (3 times!?!?) I am old and cranky. I get fussed over little things and let other bigger things go. Why? You got me. Just my make up I guess. NO, I am NOT wearing make up.

These days are long. It is gray. It is windy. And supposedly this country is pretty old or something, so I don't think anyone is going to be changing to suit me. Which means, I leave it to all of you. You must all log on to a travel site right now and book flights over here. (Please confer with each other first, so as to not all arrive at once. Thanks) Don't worry about work or school or previous commitments; I'll write you a note.

Done yet? Alright then, see you soon. I'll leave off with this. During our golf outing yesterday, the guys starting having a "who would you like to have a dinner party with?" game, which turned into a "who would you like to have a pint with?" and so on. Please leave yours on the comments section, along with your dates of arrival and departure.

Oh, and the title? The "stuff" including our bed, should be here tomorrow. See how I tied it all together?

Some random house pics for those who were unable to view the ones from this summer.
Through the Master, looking over the valley
Exposed Brick wall w/ fireplace
From the backyard
Range has 8 burners, been using them quite a bit
The "backyard"/Stour Valley from Master window


mbutler said...

I'd like to have a pint with my son right about now.

Kelly said...

Maybe if we all book our flights at the same time but with different travel dates we could get a discount!! My girls are ready for a visit!