Sunday, September 20, 2009


No, no, I am not giving up on my blog just yet, so put the celebration on hold friends.

Kelsie is now feeding herself Cheerios! Its not graceful, its more of a fist to the mouth, and open it up to let the Cheerio fall in. (about an 80% success rate.) Still, I am amazed at how these little things are so momumental now. With Rian, I ALMOST took them for granted. She was normal, it was a natural progression, take some pictures, update family, move forward to next life building block.

Kelsie almost didn't have a life, so each breath is monumental if you break it all the way down. She is the toughest person, packed into 18 pounds I have ever met. With apologies to soldiers (Cliff, Pop, Papa Paul, etc included) firefighters, police, and all the other admirable people bravely serving above and beyond, my daughter takes the cake on this one.

Even the silly things like putting clothes away are tearjerkers here. Yesterday, while putting away clothes for Kelsie that are too small now, and putting in clothes that will/do fit, Leasea got teary. Just thinking that she might never have worn these clothes, and what those smaller clothes going away meant. Yes, as you all have likely guessed by now, I ended up crying when she told me that story too. I mean, there is no way I can let Leasea be more emotional than me, I have to win at something!

I love you Kelsie!

Oh, and Rian was a giraffe on Friday too, FYI

Rian's version of the Dallas Zoo statue

So that wraps it up, guess I'll say...bye! (betacha thaought I was going to say Cheeri-o!)


mbutler said...

That is AWESOME son! I teared up too just reading it! You're right...she is one tought little trooper! Hey, was Rian a giraffe for school or just for fun?

mbutler said... the pics, too! Sorry, got wrapped up in the story!

Kelly said...

You go Kelsie!! I got teary eyed too! I miss seing those girls on Sunday mornings!!

mcscot said...

kiss her and hug her and tell her nonni and papa are so proud of her knew she could do it!!! rian you are the bestest giraffe ever!!!