Monday, September 14, 2009

Good tip +

Let me just mention quickly to anyone who cares that if you ever get your music and itunes and storage all screwed up and the listings, names, albums become jumbled...just buy all new music, it would be worth it. Something from the 3G to 3Gs took all my music, collected and compiled neatly and orderly over the last 7 years and threw a hand grenade into it. It as taken me nearly a week and I don't want to think about the hours to re-list and re-group everything.
It looks like we are reaching what the locals call "full Autumn" over here. It is what us Americans envision when we picture England. Gray, windy, drizzly, and cold. The thermostat says 61, (actually it says 16, but they do things funny here) but I don't trust it one bit.
Did a little more exploring today. Gotta say, driving is my favorite thing here so far. I should've listed it on the first post, but I forgot. I don't like the roads much, they are one lane and two-way; the bigger car doesn't move and the smaller car has two wheels in a field. Nonetheless, smaller cars, winding roads, manual transmission, and having everything reversed from the norm has really made driving fun again. Leasea's boss (a Brit) says, "in America you steer, in England, you drive." I gotta agree. Super fun and sure to scare any of you who comes to visit as leaves and branches smack off your window at 50 miles an hour.


Kelli said...

When my iTunes updated it destroyed my library...grrrrr.

Aunt Kim said...

Try doing a round-a-bout at 60 MPH in a chevy mini van, now thats fun! :0)

mbutler said...

Or going over a bridge in a rain and wind storm! Lovely!