Thursday, September 17, 2009


My five for Dinner:
The Apostle Paul
Bill Murray
Jack Kerouac
Thomas Jefferson
Ryne Sandberg

To have a pint with:
Oscar Wilde
Ernest Hemingway
Benjamin Franklin
George Carlin
Ryne Sandberg


Uncle Doug said...

Dinner: Adolf Hitler (if I had a gun in my pocket), Mark Helprin (favorite author), Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Leonardo da Vinci, Marco Polo (to replace Hitler after he died suddenly)

Pint/Spot of Tea: Bill Cosby, Truman Capote, Mata Hari (hers is a very interesting story), Isaac Newton, Thomas Edison (someone would have to turn on the lights)

mbutler said...

Wow, interesting party and pints. OK let's see if I can do this:
My Dad - would like to know a bit about him
Jesus - I have some serious questions for Him (and yes, I did read the book Kathy!)
A. Lincoln - Maybe it would keep him out of the theater that night.
Michaelangelo - Because he was who he was
T. Jefferson - So I could update some quotes.

To have a pint with:
Shakespere at his best
G. S. Patton
Beethovan (if he could still hear)
Norm Cash or Al Kaline
Doug McCallum - So I could thank him again for his daughter

If I could add just one more for the pint list - Jesus (He could drink wine). I love the fact that His first miracle was turning water into keep the party going!

Love you all!

Chris said...

Wouldn't want Papa there, cuz I wouldn't want to give him back again. Good lists, Butler boys!

mbutler said...

I know son, that would be ahrd, same with my dad and the main reason I didn't put Gramma up there. LY

Kelli said...

George Carlin would be highly amusing to have a pint with. I'd also have to say Eddie Izzard, though it would turn into a cake or death? conversation. Cake, please.