Saturday, September 26, 2009

Leasea's first post.

Okay, as you may all know I'm not as profuse with the words, but I wanted to say hello.  I hope that people will be able to come and experience this a bit more than just thru our eyes.  I can tell you what I love:

-  The awesome view from the back of our house.  There have been two mornings where I've been able to watch hot air ballons drift across the countryside.  Theres' a nice village that sits in the valley below that looks like what you would imagine the English countryside to look like.
-  I love the fresh foods.  Regardless of what you hear, English food is not bad.  You just have to venture out of what we flock to as Americans and eat English food.  The breads are very nice and fresh.  They melt in your mouth more so than Wonder bread.  Pasta, bread, meat, fish, etc... all fresh.  Not shipped from wherever.
-  History.  We have so very little history really.  I love the old buildings, the architecture, the churchs, the castles.
-The beach.  We haven't been able to explore much, but it will be nice for next summer.
-  Footpaths.  You can walk all over the place, where in the States it would be trespassing. 

I've enjoyed going to the different countries, but there's the one thing that I don't like.  I wish the family could go with me, but we'll be able to venture out a bit better as I get an understanding of what I'm doing.  I've been to Italy twice and France once.  Verona Italy is very interesting.  I've not been able to explore anything, but agian I'm getting a good idea for the family later. 
My first train ride thru France was weird.  Airports are easy to get around because everything is translated to English.  Train stations, not at all...  My phone was dying and I speak two words of French.  I obviously lived, but it was nice to stick my ipod earbuds in and listen to English music hoping I was on the right train and getting off at the right station.  Must admit I faired pretty well.  I went to Paris via Tours, but again I didn't see anything from the train except coutryside.

I want to say that I love and miss everyone back home.  Hope you are all doing well.

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mbutler said...

We love you too, Hon. Glad to hear you getting somewhat acclimated!