Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Random thoughts

I am pretty sure that there was a bounty on my head today. I was almost run off the road 5 times, and stuck behind every large vehicle in Essex. And every senior citizen at the grocery store.

How come we have to remind ourselves most often the things we think we admire most? i.e. Prov 11:2 is my favorite verse. So how come I have trouble being humble sometimes and then have to kick my own butt for it? Or when I see someone exhibiting patience and realize its been so long since I have done that?

Also, why don't you pick up the phone and call someone, or send them an e-mail when you happen to wonder how someone is? You know, that person you haven't thought of in months, just pops into your head for a reason. Might be nice to reach out and find out why God sent you that IM.

Speaking of popping into heads, wonder whats going on in Kelsie's right now, as she sits on the floor laughing at the wall/floor/her left foot? How come I can't be that happy or that pleased by something so small? Conversely, what is Rian thinking when she pitches a fit? We don't give into her, so she knows that is not the way to get what she wants...she must just like bruising her legs as she flops onto hard floors. Huh. Maybe a simple pleasure for her.

Who knew seagulls liked onions so much? I sure didn't. However, the farms around here have many an onion field and its harvest season. (An aside - if you don't like onions, you wouldn't understand, but it smells amazing around here right now because of this) So anyhow, the coast is 30 drive-minutes away, not sure exactly how far as the gull-flies-miles, but its close. And they love it. They are all over the fields picking up scraps. Weird.

Ok, so I ventured out with the laptop and camera today as well. Actually am writing this from a picnic table behind a restaurant, underneath a viaduct that was built almost 300 years ago. Oh, you don't believe me huh? Well, it just so happens that I have proof. So pay up.

Ok, ya got me, those are 3 similar pictures

Haha! Now I got you! This is NOT a viaduct, but a wheelbarrow. Can't believe you fell for that.
Looks like someone got lazy and clocked out halfway through this job.

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mbutler said...

Yep...that's a viaduct alright, and that was a wheelbarrow! I love reading your posts, Son. Keep it up...you may find a book in it!