Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I see dead people...in waiting rooms

Okay, I guess its time for a serious blog with some serious opinion. Well, you all know I can't be completely serious, but mostly serious will be the order for today.

Russell Brand, the Brit celebrity who thinks of himself as a comedian, (I thought to be a comedian you had to be funny, but who am I to question? He hosted the past MTV awards and did some stuff this year as well, more on tha in a moment) had some more things to say about the state of the US political system as it stands. Last year he made comments in poor tatse hile throwing support behind Obama. (Maybe that is how he won, British voters) This year while describing differences between the UK and the US (told you he wasn't funny, I mean how original is that?) he said this:

"In England, instead of letting people die in the streets like here in the US, we have free healf (they can't say "th" over here) care!"

Wow. I saw this on Sunday and was shocked that this nonsense had happened two years in a row. Well, we are on the "free health care" side now. Lucky us right? Let me paint you a picture

I took Baylie to the DR today to get a prescription refilled. Actually, let me start by saying I tried to make an appointment last week, but 9 days out was as soon as possible and we were told to go to the ER if we needed something sooner. Uhhh...OK. Anyhow, back to today. We show up 5 minutes before her appointment time with no one in the waiting room. Pretty good deal, since Bay is missing school for this. We have a seat as told, and just a scant forty-five minutes later we are ushered into the Doctors office. Now, mind you, no one has come or gone, which means the good Doc was sitting there by himself. As soon as we get in he asks what the prescription is for, we say ADD med, he says,

"Oh, you're American. We don't do that here. She needs to see a psychiatrist. I will refer you."


So I say, "Great. How does that process work?"

"No problem," he replies, matter-of-factly. "They will contact you within two weeks, and you have three months to have an appointment made."

"Wow. (long pause by me) "That soon, huh?"

We are then shown out, clearly he has more important stuff to do, like twiddling of the thumbs, and cards for one.

So while, we may have people "dying in the streets" at least we're not dying 5 feet from the Doctor's office and getting the run-around all under the pretense of NATIONAL HELATH CARE.

But hey, we didn't have to pay for those (5)5 minutes, right?


Kelli said...

But of COURSE you need for her to reevaluated. Again. Because heaven forbid they simply refill her flippin prescription.

mbutler said...

Can you not talk to someone else? That's just asinine to stigmatize Bay by taking her to a flippin Shrink! Good Lord...if it's going to take that long, start cutting back on the meds slowly so she doesn't drop all at once. That could be bad. Love ya.