Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Have I mentioned...

...just how great Skype is? I mean, free calls/video calls anywhere in the world pc-pc for FREE! They are not paying me, and this isn't a commercial, this is a plea to all of our loved ones--we want to talk to you!

Megan--I see you are following along now. Thank you, I hope all is well. Please implore your much less attractive, "Bear in the Big Blue House" of a husband to download this as I miss him (and you and Avery. She'll be so grown by the time we get back!)

Bre--I know you are following too, and I know that with 37 blogs amongst the Powers family, surely someone is tech savvy enough to download this. Also, the kids, Bre, do it for the kids!

Kelly--Marley and Baylie could talk for hours! (Ok not really, I am definitely not ready for THAT!)

Jen--Ahem! Ahem! Sorry I had to clear my throat. Didn't you mention that you HAVE a webcam? We could see each other and chat, and the girls could see Aunt Jammer. How wonderful would that be?

Ahhh...ok. Enough of that. But you get the point. To recap: its free, we love you, and we want to talk to you. Yeah, we are selfish like that, so what?

FINE! I'll make it easy for you. Geez. Some people...

Love you all!


mbutler said...

Wow...good thing I'm on Skype!

Alaina said...

I did it! I got a SKYPE Acct. and our name is Shawn_Alaina