Monday, December 17, 2012

The Flower

Breaking out a vintage, special beer for this return. I have been way too slack, I apologize, lets just move on. This should be a good one, its a retired beer from a really well respected brewery, and its my first time having it so I am excited.

Without further adieu, I present

Review #40

Fleur 2010      ABV 7%      Bottled 9/17/2010
Goose Island Brewery  Chicago, Il  22 oz bomber poured into long-stem white wine glass

A - A cloudy amber pour with lively little bubbles racing up the sides of the glass to a moderate, bright white head. Lacing isn't significant, but leaves a hint of its travel towards the bottom.
 N - Granny Smith apples hit like a hammer, with a grassy and floral backbone. A strong yeast component runs throughout the entire experience. Beyond the apples, every other aroma pales and the whole thing becomes a bit unbalanced. Not awful, but not the strong suit here.
 T - Very in-line follow from the nose. Apple first and foremost, with layers of lemon, pear, white grape, and orange. The hop component is very floral and grassy, but mild and don't add much bitterness. A dry finish lends itself towards wine thoughts, with some tart notes and just a hint of spice; much less than typical from this style. Very pleasant and refreshing, keeps you going back for more, and the medium to nigh ABV is not even remotely noticeable.
 M - A medium mouthfeel, slightly watery, but balanced by high carbonation and complex flavors
 O - An impressive Belgian with many complex parts, blending well. Whether or not the 2 years aging helped or hurt this is any one's guess, but the overall mellow, balanced and refreshing aspects of this make me believe that it did. The nose being the only weak point, I'd certainly give this a 7/10, and I am glad I have one left to enjoy at a later date. Preferably I'll be sharing the next one with another craft beer aficionado, and we can compare notes...and check that aging theory of mine. Good job Goose Island.


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