Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Cold Night, Cellar Choklat

Gonna try and finish the year strong, hit 50. Please, nobody go back to January and see what the goal was. Suffice it to say, I didn't make it. That said, I'm gonna take one for the team, drink some quality beer, and bang on this here keyboard. Not quite a college all-nighter before the day of the test, but maybe its the adult version. Or not.

Review #41

Choklat   ABV 10%
Southern Tier Brewing Company   Lakewood, NY  Bomber poured into Imperial Pint

A - Pours a deep, opaque black with just about zero light transmission. A very faint line of ruby passes just at the border between the glass and the brew. A barely visible battle line between light and dark. Dark is dominating on this pour

N - Robust, almost heady aromas of creamy, milk chocolate. A dissipating cocoa smell that reminds me of a the initial pour of powdered hot chocolate into the glass; the whiff and gone. A slight hint of vanilla plays at the edges, just before and after the major hits of SO MUCH CHOCOLATE. There is an underlying roasted grain aspect that keeps it from being too sweet, just enough bitterness pushes back against the near cloying sweetness.
T - Oh my dear, sweet deliciousness. This is the creamiest beer I've EVER had. This is milk chocolate shake in beer form. I am NOT a chocolate fan, but the balance of this is amazing. The alcohol is there, but its not hot, doesn't introduce itself with a punch to the face. The roast grains give a coffee bite that makes sure to let the sweetness know there isn't just one player at the table here. It is so amazing I want to hold it, chew it, savor it. This is brilliant, no question.
M - This has a medium overall feel, the richness is chewy and luscious the ABV adds a slight stickiness to lips, but actually vapors on the breath, and almost ends watery; balancing the initial hit of a chocolate bomb.

O - First things first, without question, this is the best Milk Chocolate Stout I have EVER had. I've had some misses from Southern Tier, but this is a Grand Slam in the bottom of the 9th, in the World Series, with 2 outs. I wish I had a Delorean so that I could go back in time and buy a case or ten of these. I could drink one of these for every dessert Leasea enjoys.
I am now on a mission to do just that.
If you find one, BUY it. Buy as many as you can get, I'll buy some from you. Heck, I may drive to you, and we could have a fun tasting. So sorry this is my only one, but very glad I get to talk to the faceless crowd of internet peoplez.


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mbutler said...

Wow...sounds like one of the best ones yet! I'll have to go to Gabriels tomorrow and see if they have any.