Saturday, December 22, 2012

Any Port in the Storm

No its not storming. No, I am not under duress. The title just worked with the name, so there it is.
Just a quickie tonight, don't wanna miss my secondary goal. I'd hate to let myself down again. Again. We're not keeping track though right? Good.

Review #44

Bell's Porter   ABV 5.6%
Bell's Brewery   Kalamazoo, Michigan  A 24 oz poured into a Redneck Tulip (<-- more="more" on="on" p="p""">
A - Well, for starters, there are no 24 oz beers. I poured two. Sue me. Also, you'll notice in the picture a 'Redneck Tulip" is actually a Mason Jar. It holds a 24 ouncer, I'm a word guy, and I like to fancy it up.
Anyhow, this is a purple black pour. The kind of black where its full dark out, the sun is down, but there is some purplish residual light remaining. That color. A substantial, frothy, tan head quickly dissipates, but leaves big chunks of lace and tiny bubbles dancing

N - A coffee nose, with hints of bitter chocolate and lots of big roast malt notes. An underlying sweetness cuts these bitter aromas and gives a rounding effect to the beer

T - This is sweeter on the palate than the nose, but not by much. There is some chicory and old leather here to go along with the familiar notes that came from the initial smells. Faint hits of cocoa. This is all in line with a standard porter, but there are no big stand out notes. Like a really good song that has no high or powerful notes; it is good, it is solid, its not top or bottom of any list. A good regular drinker.

M - A bit thin really, but not in a bad way. Light carbonation and the slight wateriness help alleviate all the bitter and rich, intense notes.

O - This is a solid, all-around good beer. A fine example of a classic Porter, and I would gladly drink it regularly. Its not fancy or pretentious, it hues don't 'pop' in the glass, the nose and the taste don't overwhelm--yet you'd be completely satisfied anytime if this was handed to you; and I suggest if that happens, say 'thank you' and enjoy.



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mbutler said...

Sounds like a good regular Porter indeed. I like Porters so I'd bet money I'd like this one.