Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Well, the temperature has turned cooler, the wind has picked up, the days are getting shorter. This means many things, one of which is that I get to break out the dark, rich beers that exemplify winter to all of us beer lovers. They keep well, so, the ones you don't get to one winter, will be there waiting for the dust off come the next winter. A lovely thought.

Review #39

Bourbon Barrel Aged Winter Warmer   ABV  8.5%  
Rahr & Sons      Ft Worth, TX      Bomber poured into Imperial Pint

A - A two finger head atop a rich, dark brown. The head lingers for quite some time, leaving thick lacing down the sides. The head retains in a thin line around a dark cherry edge.

S - Sweet, bourbon aroma hits first with underlying vanilla and oak notes. There is a nutty malt richness among the other notes, but doesn't play a forward role. The predominant aroma is sugar, followed by bourbon, followed by more sugar.

T - A real follow of the nose, but a bit more balanced. Until the finish. The finish hits hoppy, and then lingers with an oaky bourbon. Strange. Not bad, just. Different. Lots of sweetness; caramel, brown sugar, and chocolate. Hints of fruit, with a touch of smoke. A lot going on, in good harmony. Until that finish. Its just weird. It seems out of place; a square peg in a round hole. Hmm, I'll come back to it.

M - Full bodied and rich, with light carbonation. Leaves sticky lips, but fairly easy drinking

O - I really liked 91% of this beer. I know, an arbitrary number, but really, its better than spouting off a number you expected. Right? Anyhow, it was very pleasant, if somewhat rich and sweet for my palate, until that off balance finish. I wish I had a second bottle, because I am desperately curious to see if that was the intent, or just a one-off. I can't imagine a random hop splash in this style followed by oak and bourbon intentionally. Maybe I'm wrong. Any thoughts?



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mbutler said...

I love that oaky bourbon finish. While I couldn't drink this one every day (a bit sweet for a daily drink) I do like it on a nice cool night!

Good review, Son..I'd say the 91% was an OK rating...I might have given it a 92% though...