Monday, December 24, 2012

Perle Diver

This was supposed to go out earlier today, but a certain clingy 4 year old had other plans. Such is life, cuddles were certainly more important anyhow.
This is a Leasea retrieval from a North Carolina trip. I have had a couple beers from this company in the past, namely when I was in Charleston, SC last year. They were okay, better than average, but nothing to write home about. This, however, this is completely different...

Review #45

Black Perle  ABV: 9.5%
RJ Rockers Brewing Company  Spartanburg, SC  22 oz bottle poured into Imperial Pint
(Enjoyed while finishing a rousing family game of Yahtzee)

A - This pours to a large tan head, atop a dark black body. As the head slowly disappears, it leaves huge chunks of lacing on the glass.

S - Mild, earthy hops dance around in a a heavily roast malt and chocolate dominant nose. A strong feeling of fresh tilled, wet earth over a cup of coffee. A light bready hint in there as well.

T - The roast malt and bittersweet chocolate notes come in waves, leaving behind those earthy, resinous hops, with just a touch of burnt sugar. The finish is long lasting, coating the tongue like chocolate milk. Very pleasant and well balanced.

M - Its a complex mouthfeel, with active, small carbonation bubbles, and dry but not acerbic, and a definite stout feel overall

O - I like this quite a lot. Easy drinking for a high ABV, complex beer. Lots of flavors, all playing nicely together. The black IPA/Cascadian IPA is a style I am liking more and more. Certainly more memorable than its cousins I've had previously. There is one more on the shelf, and it may last just long enough to make it to January or February's tasting events.



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mbutler said...

Never had one from this company but it certainly seems I've missed something. Will have to see if Gabriels has any.