Friday, December 28, 2012

This Righteous is Divine

With all apologies to dear ol' So-Crates, and the paraphrasing of his quote...the saying fits this beer. The actual quote goes like this, "The souls of all men are Immortal, but the souls of the Righteous are Immortal and Divine." So with that said, and proper credit given, though I feel my English teachers of yore would prefer a bit more standardized notation, here we go.

Review #48

Righteous Ale  ABV: 6.3%
Sixpoint Brewery  Brooklyn , NY  16 oz can poured into my 'Texas' pint glass

A - This pours a ruddy, deep brown with a head full of big, bountiful bubbles that looks like its sticking around awhile. The head has an egg-nog complexion, and measures about one finger. The lacing is superb and trails each sip down the glass.

N - There is strong hit of nutty, peppery malt and rye at the forefront, some caramel hint in the middle, with faint, lingering citrus clinging on to the back end. That is about it, and also, about the only weak spot on this beer. There just isn't much to take in on the nose.

T - A bitter pucker gets this tasting going, mellowing quickly into a pool of smooth and creamy malted notes. Caramel and toffee give way to a bit of spice, pepper and almost a peatiness from the rye. Works very well together, and the transition is perfect. This isn't hop dominant, but the hops that are there are very earthy, and play a small supporting role.

M - A very full mouthfeel for a moderate ABV beer. The richness of the rye envelops the tongue, coats it and the thick head lands like a snowfall. In no way uninviting, but a bit of a surprise, given alcohol and general style.

O - This is a very good beer. I have only had two other from Sixpoint--The Bengali and Resin--and this is right in line with what I would expect based on those two offerings. Resin was ridiculous when I had that on tap in New York back in April, and I still have a couple cans of Bengali to get to here. In addition, while logging this beer on Untappd, people from the brewery were quick to respond and ask what I thought. I love companies that are using social media correctly. Connect with people, do some customer service, grow a product. Glad to see another company taking advantage of these tools. Well done, guys,



P.S. The other companies I've found excelling in social media are Stone, Squatters, and Boulevard.

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mbutler said...

Nicely done, Son. Haven't had this one yet, but I do have a four-pack of Resin @the house that you & I can share.