Friday, December 28, 2012

Missed the Mark

Well, it doesn't happen too often when you're buying familiar brands you know produce quality craftbeer, but nobody is perfect. I'm a fan of Avery, they generally churn out quality and their special releases are usually worth the purchase. This left me flat

Review #47

Anniversary Nineteen   ABV: 8.23%
Avery Brewing Company    Boulder, CO  Belgian Tripel poured into tall pilsner

A - Very, very pale. Very translucent, hazy yellow with a thin off white cap. Little retention, and average lacing.

N - Big wheat, very grainy. An unbalanced run of aromas from the coriander and clove spices to the big hit of alcohol finishing with the standard Belgian yeast 'funk' that is expected. Some green fruit mixed in; apple and pear.

T - Its just not improving. There is nothing out of place here, style wise, its just not playing well together. All these different flavor profiles are fighting for attention, and the overall loser is me this time. Again, standard yeast notes, with the mix of spice and fruit. Maybe its that the fruit seems a bit off, or that the hops don't feel well absorbed, or that the flavors come at you in crashing waves as opposed to a nice complete wash. Just don't get it.

M - Very effervescent with lots of tight bubbles, sort of thin for the style, kind of watery.

O - This is in no way going to stop me from buying another Avery product. Adam Avery and his bunch put out lots of quality. This bottle or batch could have been contaminated, my palate could have just not meshed well with this particular beer. Many factors at play, all it takes is one. Here's to the next beer...always looking up!



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mbutler said...

Huh! I too like Avery & have enjoyed many of their fine products; I have a few of them here in the house. Haven't tried this one & may still @the World of Beer but most likely won't go and seek it out.