Sunday, October 4, 2009

US in Italy

My trip to Italy last week was actual a little more eventful than looking at chickens.  I had a very early flight to Venice that took us over the Swiss Alps.
The grandure of mountains that seems to pop out of the skies above the clouds.  Barren peaks licked with white snow on one side, harsh stone on the other.  Small villages filling the valleys below filled with a foggy mist.  It was a nice way to begin the morning.  I would love to someday see it from looking up.
The first evening that we were there we went for a late dinner in a small town.  The streets were made of cobble stone.  People were strolling along, riding bikes and pushing strollers (buggies).  Very few cars were out.  It felt like stepping back 100's of years.  The 900 year old church with a clock tower stood at the end of the main street over looking a timeless picture.  It's what you would imagine seeing in Italy.  A lazy river running thru town.  Window shopping for Italian shoes and clothes. 
We ate at an outdoor resturant that had homemade pasta and pizzas along the cobble stone plaza.  As I was setting in this relaxed ancient town a F-16 flies overhead and brings me to a realization of todays times.  These people live among a war that is being fought a lot closer to them than the ones that are there to fight it.  The roaring sound didn't seem to affect them a US base is very close, but to me?  I can't explain the feelings that rushed over me.  It was a mixture of pride, fear and confussion.  It's different than having a F-16 fly over your head in the US.  I think it came from an understanding that it wasn't there just for manuvers.  It was there to protect.

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mbutler said...

I loved Venice and Vicenza when I was there. The F16's were most likely from Aviano Air Base. Glad your liking it, but it seems you're travelling a bunch! You're going to need a passport annex just for the stamps! Love ya!