Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Just pictures really

Not a lot to say here. Went to Framlingham Castle in the town of...wait for it...Framlingham. Pretty nice, definitely a spot to return to, by ourselves or with company. Pretty well intact, good photo opportunities, but Kelsie was getting a cold, and Rian was upset that no princesses actually lived there, so the day was cut a bit short.
Anyhow, enjoy.

Nice face, Rian

They really do love their Kels!

The wind!

See? I really am in England

From one tower across the interior of the castle

Up a wall from the courtyard

A school outside the castle walls, across the mere

Through a "window" out onto the countyside

The castle poorhouse, now giftshop, with school in background

LY all!


Kelli said...

I don't know if they told you this, but this is the castle that Queen Mary took refuge in when they declared Jane Grey Queen instead of her...she built up her army at Framlingham.

Aaron + Breanna said...

Wow, that's so cool! I wish we had history like that here.

That's funny about Rian being upset about no princesses there! Sweet girl.

mbutler said...

Love the pics, Son. Kiss the girls for me and mom!