Thursday, October 1, 2009


I was wondering how much time, or more precisely, how long do I have to be here, before I can start telling rude Britains off?

Doug and Kathy, you'll probably be the best to answer this. Or maybe not, because I can't actually see you doing that, and  really want to.

What is bothering me is how opinionated these people are about our country. Obviously, my Southern U.S. accent gives me away, but I am not walking around with my nose up or speaking of their politics or economy, so why must everyone I meet tell me how great and wonderful and historical our new great* and wonderful* and historical President is?
It wouldn't even be that bad if they left it there, but it continues to:
  • What are your thoughts?
"Yes it is historical, and some such other oblique nonsense to avoid the discussion."
  • Where are you from?
"Texas. Moved from Arkansas. In America, short, terse replies indicate the end of a discssion"
  • Oh, Texas? Where Bush is from? That why you moved to Arkansas/over here? He is horrible...blah, blah, blah
"Can I please have a pint? And keep 'em coming, because if my mouth isn't full, I am going to start talking too much."

Get my drift? All I am trying to do is not be the sterotypical "Ugly American" and just blend into society and try my hardest to avoid the next three years, not get into verbal battles between countries. Besides, I am pretty sure most of the people talking are unarmed anyhow.

The worst one yet, which made me excuse myself for a pretend phone call and step outside, was this gem:

"You Americans have no history, most of you just don't know you've only gone on a long holiday."

"WHAT?!? Look here, old-timer, you didn't fight--or did you, you're pretty old--and neither did I, but you guys lost, and we're not coming back." Of course, I said this into my phone, to myself, outside. Then came back into the clubhouse and changed the subject. To sports, which of course led down the of how wussy NFL players are vs. rugby and so on.

So...when? Probably the week before we leave, I reckon.

**green is for sarcasm


mbutler said...

OK, for the last guy, I just would have spoken German to him. When he looked quizical at me, I would have said "Your welcome, if it weren't for us Americans, you'd be speaking German. Another pint please!"

Aaron + Breanna said...

LOL... you make me laugh. :) Sorry for your frustrations. But they're entertaining to me, at least. :)

Everyone's got an opinion about America. When I was in NZ, it was insane what a hot button it was (with both good and bad). My favorite conversation ever was with one of my best friends over there (from Belgium) and she started ranting "You Americans think you're the center of the world," ya da ya da... and I said, "Well, I mean we live there. I mean when you were growing up, what did you think was the center of the world?"

To which she answered, "America." Niiice.

Chris said...

Perfect. I figure at 2 months-next week-I'll let loose. Appropriately of course. The good news they appreciate sarcasm, and as we all know, that is one of my gifts/curses, depending on who you ask.
Love you guys, thanks for the comments!