Monday, October 5, 2009


No, no, no, I did not get a radio show over here. I don't think my taste would go over well here for one because everything sounds the same. They don't even seem to have an appreciation for the stuff that has come out of GB that is good. I digress.

I have been trying to work on my prayer life, and I would like to start praying for specific things. As of right now, I am praying for all my loved ones in generalitites, with the exception of a few. So, I have a request. If you don't mind, I would like some prayer requests. Praises are more than welcome too,but since I already take time out of my day to pray for you, (and if you are reading this, there is a 95% chance this includes you!) so why not allow me to pray for something that you truly need prayer for, or thanks for? If these are too personal, feel free to e-mail/facebook mail me. If they ae REALLY personal, just mention an unspoken request, and I will know to pray harder.

In a sense, you'd be doing me a favor as well; for several reasons. First, it helps me in my spiritual life. How awesome is it to be able to say that you have helped someone spiritually? ... That's what I thought. Second, and selfishly, it allows me to be close to you across the great distances between us. Time to reflect about our friendship and memories, and hopes and dreams.

This past week alone, I found out that two of my closest friends, two men who stood with me at my wedding, and their wives are pregnant. One couple for the second time, and one for the first time after years of practice. ;-) I can't begin to tell you how happy these two pieces of news made me. I am quite the little girl, so I obviously cried, but they were absolutely tears of joy!

So, if you happen to read this, even if I don't know you and you simply stumble across it, take a second and share something; you'll be helping us both!

Love you all!


mbutler said...

Well done, Chris. I know you pray for Mom and me (mainly Mom probably because I'm so darn close to perfect...but I dirgress). She seems to be having more pain problems and they do not seem to be getting better with the treatments. They're not worse, but hurts me to see the love of my life in pain. Thanks, Son. I love you. Kiss the girls for me!

Shawn said...

Chris - Not sure if the "S" was for me, but I want you to know I miss you all very much! I wish we would have spent more time together while you were here. I love you all and hope you are doing good. Have a pint for me too! SHAWN