Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Rian's Prayer

After reading Franklin's Vowels: The Letter O, Short Sounds

"God and Jesus, welcome for my family, welcome we have a great day. So much fun. Please let no fox or hog or dog in my yard. Only a dog if its Maya. Please we can have a log and an otter to come over in my yard. Not a fire, for its hot, can burn my Kels. Welcome for only getting one scratch on my nose when I fell down the stairs. I want a top for Christmas or tomorrow. I had one yesterday."
Long pause.
Me: "Are you done? Say Amen."
Rian, "No, I listening."
Big Sigh.
Longer pause.
Rian, "Ok. Amen. Daddy, leave all the lights on for Maya to come visit, good night."


mbutler said...

Ahhh, I'm sorry Son about Maya...wish we could do something about that but...

Aaron + Breanna said...

That is so absolutely precious!