Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sweet 16

On a recent work trip to Texas, my wife once again indulged my habit, called from a Beer Advocate A-rated store, and walked me through the beer aisles by phone. So lucky I am. She continues to help me grow my cellar, and increase my blog fodder. Super lucky guy, feel free to be jealous.

Beer Review #38
16th Anniversary IPA  ABV 10%  brown bomber poured into Imperial Pint glass
Stone Brewing Company  Escondido, CA

A - Pours a liquid rust color with thick, foamy head and long lingering lace, trailing all the way down the glass. Thick and sticky lines on the glass are a great invitation to stick my nose right in.

S - Vibrant and bright citrus are at the forefront of the very West Coast IPA aroma. Suits this guy just fine. A hint of nuttiness plays at the edges. The aroma is beautiful and strong, but not overpowering. Plenty of hop notes, but nothing burning off my nose hairs. Can't wait to taste!

T - The grapefruit, the lemon, the pine, oh MY! Resinous and full, well rounded flavor with depth and character to spare. There is a sugary hint--almost a candied pineapple--that cuts the bitterness off just in time, before it becomes palate wrecking. There is a hearty malt backbone, with a brown sugar and rye bite that bolsters and upholds this flavor bomb. The beginning finish is soft and floral before it amps back up and the bitter returns in a long, dry memory. Alcohol is not really a player here. 10%, really?!?

M - A full, perfectly carbonated mouthfeel, medium to full body. Easy drinking

O - I mean, come on. Its Stone. Greg knows what he's doing, history shows that. Hes a craft beer rockstar legend, and one of my personal beer heroes. The chance to meet him this summer (Rogers, AR Mellow Mushroom) did not disappoint, a down to earth guy, with time to spare and beer to share. This is one of my favorite beers in recent memory, it hits all the notes I look for, and aligns perfectly with my taste buds. I'm gonna try and get as many as I can before its gone forever, because, if I can drink this regularly, I will. Outstanding IPA from one of my top tier breweries. My only complaint? I have to travel for Stone. Boo. Wish we had this here in Arkansas. Thanks again, Stone!


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mbutler said...

Wow...almost had this one last night and now I'm sorry I didn't! It's a definite must try in the very near future.