Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I see a Yeti

Okay, after a vacation and getting the kids back to school, I return. This is a brew I picked up in St Louis last year on one of Kelsie's Children's Center Hospital visits. I picked it up mid 2011, so I've been waiting awhile on this one. This brewery is another reason I have GOT to get to Colorado in the very near future.

Review #37
Belgian Style Yeti Imperial Stout  ABV: 9.5%    22 oz bottle poured into Chimay bulb
Great Divide   Denver, CO    bottled Jul 27, 2011

A - A milk chocolate pour, with a consistent creamy, latte colored head. Great retention and the lacing trails all the way down the glass. Beautiful picture of an imperial stout.

S - A chocolate dominant aroma with hints of dark and candied fruits. Very rich and bold, with a lightly hopped smell at the very back. Slightly metallic smell comes and goes among the other notes, and there is a definite alcohol presence.

T - Big chocolate here, but there is more at play on the palate. Certainly not one dimensional with the fruity notes  popping in and out--cherry, figs, and even some apple on the tart side. There is a solid Belgian yeastiness here too, with lots of roast malts, especially on the long finish. The alcohol is fairly tame compared to the aroma, but is more evident as the beer warms and grows. There is a light licorice hit on the warmer end that wasn't there previously.

M - A medium, lightly carbonated mouth feel, but creamy and luscious

O - This is a BIG beer, it is dessert rich, and it is smooth and satisfying. The light carbonation keeps the beer feeling light despite its power and ABV. The layers of flavor are interesting and have a great depth that keeps you coming back for another sip. Its a one hour plus beer for sure, but feels like it could be sneaky if you tried for two and picked up a head of steam. All in all, a wonderful beer by a great stalwart in the industry. Another reason Great Divide is among my top tier breweries and is near the top of the list of breweries to visit. Well done!


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mbutler said...

I just had this one last week and I have to tell you...this review is spot on! I wouldn't want to drink this everyday, but for a special occasion/treat or for a desert (maybe even with a fine cigar)...this one works.