Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ommegang, are you Seducing me?

I've had this sitting around for a while, so I decided to use this as a pre-cursor to a stronger, darker beer later in the evening. I've been a fan of Ommegang since I went to Cooperstown for the Ryne Sandberg HoF Induction. They aren't all hits, but they are rarely full on misses. I'd say on average, they are better than average with some greats thrown in.

Review #36
Seduction  ABV 6.8%
Brewery Ommegang  Cooperstown, NY  750 ml corked & caged bottle poured into pint

A - This is a deep, rich pour with serious head. A good two inches retains for a good two minutes, but unfortunately gives way to spotty, weak lacing. A little disappointing really, with such a strong start to the pour.

S - Very tart nose here, with the Belgian yeast funkiness blending with under-ripe cherries. A cocoa and roast malt back end, not very boozy smelling, and the aroma doesn't linger for long, disappearing into a memory.

T - Much sweeter on the front than I got from the nose. Dark fruits, with fig and currant at work start the action on the palate, then give way to all that crisp, tart flavor from the smells. The finish is as expected, dry and full of chocolate and malt. The taste lingers for quite a bit, surprisingly, with that tartness clinging in the throat, almost gives you ideas that you are drinking a sour.

M - Very light, with a creamy feeling, despite the carbonation, again a dry finish.

O - This is above average for me and falls right in line with where I tend to rank Ommegang. High B marks from me; on certain days I might like it more, on others, less. It has a nice balance, interesting notes, and more complexity than I expected, but the pour and the nose are a bit below par, in my little humble opinion. I would certainly drink this again, but, I also probably would not rush out to find it.


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mbutler said...

I also like a lot of the beer from these guys. I can't think of a bad one I've had, but I have had some I like better than others. Thanks, Chris.