Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Just a Demo

Pitchers and catcher reported this week. Spring training starts soon, and the regular season soon after. To me, that means one thing: Cubs baseball. Now I realize there isn't a great deal of high hopes for this season, but that is fine. The future is bright with these off-season moves and the acquisition of young talent. Anyhow, to celebrate, I decided to have a Chicago brew. I visit the brew pub right in front of Wrigley every year I go.
So 'Cheers!' Cubs fans, this one is for you

Review  #11
Goose Island Demolition  ABV 7.2%
Goose Island Brewery Brown bomber poured into a Chimay glass

A - A pale yellow-orange, with a thin, but very bright white head. There is some visible yeast sediment at the bottom, and decent carbonation bounce from pour off the bottom

S - Lots of spice notes. Coriander, clove, pepper easily recognizable. A little yeast-y and earthy; definitely smells like a 'Belgian.' (Beer, not the person) No real flavors jumping out, just hints of lemon, pear, and sugar with some flowery whiffs as well. My least favorite part of this beverage.

T - This hits quickly with a hop burst, that dissipates rather quickly. Extremely floral tasting, and now comes the orange peel and pear flavors. Some caramel maltiness, and the clove and raw sugar are stronger now. A faint hit of the alcohol at the very end, and definitely improving as it gets closer to room temperature.

M - Buttery and smooth with a decent bit of carbonation providing a refreshing tingle. A sweet finish that lingers just long enough to enjoy and not annoy.

O - This is very good. The carbonation does keep it feeling lighter and more refreshing than the ABV would indicate however, so it could get dangerous. I think this would be good on a summer's day in the sun served as cold as when I first opened it, or on a chilly day at room temperature as it was when I finished it. very versatile. Good job Goose!


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mbutler said...

Sounds like good overall beer indeed. Can't say as if I've ever had a bad one from Goose Island.