Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Collabo

I decided to break out one of my aged beers for this tasting, review #10. Its one that I enjoyed upon its release and shared with my father the Spring before moving to England. So here goes.

Review #10
Avery & Russian River Collaboration not Litigation Ale  ABV 8.72%
Avery Brewing, Colorado & Russian River Brewing, California  750 ml brown bottle multiple pours into tulip

**Interesting note: Russian River was founded by the Korbel Champagne Co.**
**Interesting note #2: These two companies had brews by the same name, and instead of a lawsuit, they got together, got drunk & brainstormed. This is the second batch of the series, which is now on Batch #6**

A - A muddled, nutty brown with faint orange hues where the light plays at the edges. 1/2" sturdy head, leaving strong lacing.

S - I was all over the board with the nose on this. I pretty much smelled a grocery store of flavors, but not in a bad way, just seemed crazy to me that every whiff I took, I found different aromas. Apples, raisins, dark cherries were my fruit finds, with some light chocolate, caramel mixed in. Altogether, a very malt forward brew with some definite roasting, but not overdone.

T - Uh. Way sweeter tasting than it smelled. Ouch. Borderline too sweet. Maybe its me, since I prefer the bitterness of beers, and don't have much of a sweet-tooth, but this is like dessert.Still getting dark fruits, but now throw in some figs and plums. Some spice notes hit the back end as it warms up, but not enough to counter the sweetness. Lots of caramel, and definite alcohol heat. Drinking stronger than 8.72%

M - A bit flat, not enough carbonation to carry the sweetness. Lingering taste, but that is the best flavor. Very sugary on the lips

O - Between the sweet and the heat, not the easiest beer to drink, but not overly hard. It would be better enjoyed paired with some food to cut the sweetness. Something salty feels right. I'll pick up subsequent batches for sure. A good, not great beer, but with flavor profiles this strong, its hard to not want to go back for another try.


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