Friday, February 17, 2012

Import Time!

After my epic tasting the other night, (see previous blog and drool. May need to highlight to read, since apparently I wrote in invisible ink.) One of my new beer geek buddies left a beer he said I was welcome too. So I thought I should review it publicly, and give credit where credit is due. Thank you Alex.

Review #9
Chouffe Houblon Dobbelen IPA Trippel  ABV 9%
Brasserie d'Achouffe  Achouffe, Belgium  Green bomber poured into Maredsous Tulip

A - First off, green bottle? Little strange, especially given how light in color this beer is & given the breweries reputation. Shame, shame. Okay, nitpicking aside, this beer pours a cloudy blond color with a 1" thick white head on top. Extremely thick lacing. The head never completely disappears, leaving a nice, foamy puddle in the center of your beer, and eventually at the bottom of your glass.

S - Light yeast and citrus are first notes I get, and although this bottle claims no Noble hops are used, it does have that distinct damp, wood smell. Nothing is too powerful, leaving the nose a bit disappointed at this point.

T - Zing! Its full of zest, with spicy finishing notes, fading to a pleasant bitterness. Banana is an odd taste here, but its my mouth, and that is what I am getting. Hoppy up front, followed by peppery clove notes are rinsed clean with a dry finish.

M - Decent body, tingly, but not over carbonated. Dry, flavor, dry. Carbonation tingle makes sure the bitter end doesn't linger.

O - This is pretty good for a style I don't typically enjoy very often anymore. Flavors certainly grew and developed as the beer warm and matured. Nice drinkability factor despite the ABV. All in all, its nice. After reading the Beer Advocate score of 94/98, I was a little let down. Didn't seem overly unique from the other Belgian ales in this vein. Of course that could be me also, not drinking this style very much too. Very glad to have had it, wouldn't seek it out, but would drink it again.


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