Friday, August 27, 2010

A summary

Well, here it is. Rian's last day. Yesterday did not go so well. She was obviously upset at saying goodbyes, and consequently didn't say very many. I hope it doesn't make her too sad in the long run; it's a hard lesson she will learn later in life: say your goodbyes, and express your affection when you have the opportunity. All in all, she wasn't bad, just a bit overwhelmed.

On the way from school to her special dinner she got very quiet. I asked if she was ok, and she said,
"I am just sad for growing up."

*choke back tears*

"Well, honey, Daddy is a little sad too, but we all have to grow up. And just think of all the super cool things you get to do when you are older; like drive, go to college, get married..."

"NO! You just get soap in your eyes and get big sore bones!"

*Ouch* How do you argue that though? I mean, it felt like I had soap in my eyes at that moment, and I was still trying to drive. I can only imagine the second part of her declaration had to do with a discussion regarding growing and how it sometimes hurts, but that was months ago. I guess another reminder of be careful what you say.

Next week, Rian gets a break and Daddy gets Rian  and Bay at home. Hope the weather is nice or it could be a long one. Then, school starts up and we move on...and wait for calls from the Headmaster.

I would like to post a poem, written by one of Rian's wonderful teachers, a super lady who is always full of energy and joy and really keeps the kids going. No idea how she does it, but she is tremendous. Thank you KJW!
       We'll Miss You
The time has come to say goodbye,

We'll try so hard not to cry,

We'll miss your funny little ways,
And all our fun and crazy days.

Getting messy, paint and glue,
Sticking, colouring and collage too.

Making friends, time together,
Memories that will last forever.

We've watched you grow, and come so far,
You'll always be a shining star.

Learning together each new day,
A brand new skill that will always stay.

Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring,
A brand new season, what will it bring?

Time outside, rain and sun,
So much fun for everyone.

Riding bikes, climbing and sliding,
Running, jumping or a game of hiding.

So now we have to be apart,
But you'll always be inside our heart.

Everyone will miss you so,
And always remember wherever you go,

That you are special and quite unique,
In the way you move and the words you speak.

A last goodbye and last squeeze,
Never ever forget us please.

Poem by Katie Whitnell
Thanks so much to all the Busy Bees Staff, especially Emma, Katie, & Carly and the others who fill in at Starburst since this is about Rian. Trusting someone with your children is not always easy, but you ALL do an amazing job, and we "transplants" are lucky to have found you!

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Aaron + Breanna said...

Oh. My. Goodness. That child says some of the funniest... and most astute things. And she's getting so BIG! I almost didn't recognize her in those pictures! Kids growing up is hard sometimes, but it's also super exciting to watch them becoming their own independent little people. Can't wait to see what God has in store for all of our kids. :)