Monday, November 8, 2010



Goodbye to the cold and rainy and wet
Goodbye to all the new friends we've met

Goodbye to the little things,
like washers, fridges, and roads with rings

Goodbye to right hand drive
I'm going back to the other side

Goodbye to all the history; the churches, the castles
I'll think of you instead of the hassles

Goodbye my Monday morning crew
I hate to leave you to just two

Goodbye to the Busy Bee ladies
Thank you for loving my babies!

And Mary gets an extra special thank you,
without you, I'm not sure what we'd do!

Goodbye to my train driving mate,
the next beer and round will have to wait

Goodbye my local landscaping lager lout
Next time we meet, you'll be drinking stout!

Goodbye to the Golf Society guys,
you who shoot low and score so high

Goodbye to all the people with all their charm
Goodbye beloved Thatcher's Arms

Goodbye to the landlord who made me feel at home
I can't thank you enough for the kindness shown

Goodbye is not how I feel, in the end
So I'll choose to say, till we meet again.

Thank you all so very much!!

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