Thursday, August 26, 2010

A quickie

Well, due to the way things work here, I have one less year of having a "little girl." Rian graduates from Pre-school today and starts Reception, a.k.a. kindergarten on the 6th. I am torn. She is a smart girl and I have no doubts mentally she is ready, but if you've met her, you prolly know she is a handful, and I am not sure they are ready for a school takeover. I am concerned for her attitude and stubborn ways and sarcastic mouth. Granted, she comes by those things honestly as mine and Lace's child, but it isn't a great combo for a 4 year old starting school sooner than we thought she would.
Ah well, we shall see. Keep her in your thoughts and prayers, and more importantly, keep myself and Lace there as well. Kid #2 Pre-school graduation here I come! I really old enough to have been to two kids PS graduations??

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Aaron + Breanna said...

Can't believe she'll be in kindergarten! Tell her we said congrats on her graduation. We'll be praying for her. I know she'll do really well!