Thursday, March 4, 2010

ABC's of Blessing's (Parent's version)

So, to continue with yesterday's theme, here is Leasea's, followed by mine. Enjoy

A - asterisk
B - Baylie
C - Chris
D - dogs
E - extras
F - family
G - God
H - home
I - imagination
J - Jesus
K -Kelsie
L - love
M - money
N - noise
O - obstacles
P - passion (woo hoo! lucky me!)
Q - quirkiness
R - Rian
S - salvation
T - today
U - "un-do" button (on the computer, I was hoping she meant real life. Could really market that.)
V - voice
W - water
X - Excel
Y - yearning
Z - zippers

A - Airplanes
B - Baylie
C - Chicago Cubs
D - Dogs
E - eggs
F - Family
G - God
H - Home/house
I - Immaculate conception
J - Leasea's JOB
K - Kelsie-bug
L - love
M - Military
N - naivete
O - origins
P - Parents
Q - quarrels
R - Rian
S - Spring
T - tomorrow
U - unfinished
V - visits
W - wonderment
X - clear X-rays
Y - youth
Z - zest

Some of these may be readily clear as to why they are blessings, others may not. I guess when it comes down to it, for me at least, some of the things that I feel blessed by are things that make me stronger and better. And truth be told, the good things don't always do that. You have to have the bad things, to recognize the good. To grow.
Or to quote one of my favorite recording artists, "you know life would be awfully boring if the good times were all that we had."
And if you aren't my parents, one of my daughters, or my wife, and weren't mentioned by name, don't worry; if you are reading this, you fall under the "F" for family. And you all should know who you are.


Aaron + Breanna said...

Thanks for sharing! It's good to stop and realize now and again all the amazing blessings in our lives. We're thankful for YOU! And yay for squeezing a little Pat Green into your blog :)

mbutler said...

Blessings...they come in all sizes, shapes, colors...including two great kids that have gwon up to be fantastic!

Alaina said...

ooh ooh, can I do one? I will do it on Facebook! Thanks for the great idea!!!