Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Something different

Ok. Something different for me. Most of you know that I used to write, I used to write a lot actually. Between time and family, I have not written until recently when I started this little blog venture. Well it apparently has inspired me to write what I like again as well. My first poem in years, with a bit of a twist. I tried to take more of a lyrical approach to it, which was tough considering I only have the music in my head and no talent to get it out. Anyhow, its in song form.
And I would like to share it. This is also quite strange for me, because it is a personal thing, and I mostly share my work with people who are close to me in 1-1 settings. Apart from college peices, which were assigned and therefore, not as personal. So here is the first rough draft. Still tweaking and tinkering with some words, phrases, cadence, but here it is. Those of you who have known me since mid-college days should recognize what this is.
So I envision, musically, that it would start slow, build to chorus, pick up second stanza, carry through to a slowing second chorus, with a slow-down third stanza, final chorus. Anyhow, I welcome critique as long as it is helpful. And you musical friends--Kelli, Shawn, Larry, Bob, Aaron, UD--feel free to submit music. ;-) Oh, and try not to be too harsh.

When it all began,
right from the start
felt just like a plan
from one to another heart

And time flies when
you're having fun
wish I'd know then
how quickly we'd be done

(Ch. ?)
Endings are hardly ever good
and rarely ever understood
There's only one letter
between bitter and better
Its  over all the same
Our forever ended yesterday

Built that wall up brick by brick
Added a gate and a heavy lock
made sure those walls were extra thick
sat back, looked about, took stock

And time drags when
you're broken up inside
wish I'd know then
could've run away to hide

Endings are hardly ever good
and rarely ever understood
There's only one letter
between bitter and better
Its over all the same
My forever ended yesterday

Late night, busy bar, glasses clinking
A quick look, our eyes met, we shared a smile
And amongst the people drinking
We stood and talked for awhile

Long talks, long drives, long walks
brick after brick was scattered around
then came a gift in small box
and with a yes, the last brick came down

Beginnings are full of fun and desire
and require much more after the fire
with a heartfelt letter
you turned bitter to better
What a difference a decade made
My forever started yesterday

Our forever starts everyday.