Wednesday, March 3, 2010

ABC's of Blessings (Kids version)

Thanks Lynz for the idea, fun around the dinner table last night as we came up with these. Rian had to be prompted and suggested letter sounds and words on most, but she came up with some on here own too. Baylie did hers all on her own.
So here goes, free of any of my comments regarding validity or quality:
A - Angels ("I was angel at school!")
B - Busy Bees ("That's my school!")
C - cats ("We had a cat, didn't we?")
D - Dad
E - eyeballs (came up with this on her own, actually)
F - Flowers
G - God ("God make us all better, don't he?")
H - hills
I - Ice cream
J - jelly
K - Kelsie
L - ladybugs
M - Mouse (got upset when we suggested Mom)
N - Night night dresses
O - ovals (all on her own too)
P - Punching bags (on her own, thanks Nonni for "Kels'" Valentines)
Q - "quack quacks" from ducks
R - rice (on her own)
S - Snail shells (her own)
T - Tia (her own, friend from school)
U - unicorns
V - Valentine's cards ("I made one of those!")
W - watches
X - X-rays ("I had x-rays of my hand!")
Y - yellow
Z - zebras

A - animals
B - blood
C - canteloupe
D - dogs
E - eagles
F - fishing rods
G - God
H - house
I - ice cream
J - jam
K - knowledge
L - lanes
M - monkeys
N - needles
O - oceans
P - plans
Q - queens
R - rabbits
S - school
T - trees
U - umbrellas
V - vultures
W - washing machines
X - x-rays
Y - yams
Z - zoos

Mine and Lace's to come!

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mbutler said...

Out of the mouths of babes...very nice, Son!