Friday, January 22, 2010

A new "note"

Is there anything better than a memory to bring about emotions? I mean, real, raw, pure emotion. Unequivocated joy, racking sorrow, wistful dreams, or whatever else the moment holds; memory holds the puppet strings to the heart.

Now some may argue that living in the moment is better, but I would say that as soon as you enjoy the moment, it is a memory. The moment passed with awe-sinspiring quickness, and all that is left is the vapor trail in your mind's eye. We could all go on and on about memories that have left their marks on our souls, but, since it's my blog, I'll be the one going on and on. ;-)

At this moment, I'd like to talk about Pop. My dad. Sure there are too many memries to mention in one blog post, so I'll narrow it down a little. Is it coming home from busting his hump all day and helping me/coaching me until dark? Now that was nice, but it was never really his thing, so I'll move on. Was it coming home from the Gulf after the Desert Storm? Unforgettable, but no. We've seen lots of great movies (when we didn't get along so great & we didn't have to talk much) but that's not where I'm going. Or how about some more recent trips (now that we are both older and get along better)? Nope, not those either, although those have been good as well.

The one constant between my dad and I that I can remember with vivid clarity is music. We don't always agree on selections. He has some talent in the area, I have none; apart from recognition of quality. Matter of fact, I am the only non-musical person in my family. But I digress. From early days sitting and listening to records on headphones; old tracks by Frank and Mel Torme, to riding up front on road trips while Mom at in the back, listening to Highwaymen. And on to the first present I bought with my own, hard-earned money at my first job--an Aerosmith concert, which became yearly tradition. Or a Father's day trip to Austin to see ZZ Top, or trading e-mails about tracks, or having long conversations about what was setting our hair on fire at the moment, old or new. (His hair must burn quicker) These memories are my favorites. These are what I hope to never forget about Dad.

We are both passionate about our choices, and its one area where we don't have too many disagreements. He doesn't enjoy any rap, where I appreciate some quality. I am not huge into some of his classical choices. But these are minor. Especially compared to some of the other doozies we've had over the years. What makes it so great is that music is so vast and ever-changing, that we will be creating new memories all the time. And we can re-visit old discussions. Tastes change, as we all know, and a song you used to not like, you may enjoy now. Or even better, one you haven't heard in a long time gets played on the radio; I mean how great is that?

So thanks, Pop. Thanks for giving me an appreciation of music. Thanks for taking the journey with me. Most of all, thanks for being a great Dad, I love you.

Where'd this all come from? "La Grange" was on the radio here today. Such a great tune. Cranked it up and hoped my kids enjoyed it. Better yet, I hope they remember it.


mbutler said...

Thanks, Son. I must has been a common thread for us. I was just thinking the other day aboutall the fun we had at the Aerosmith conserts and ZZTop. Love You!

Chris said...

Apologies to those who received that spam attack comment on my blog. Have them blocked now.