Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Across the Bow!

Review #20
Torpedo Extra IPA ABV 7.2%
Sierra Nevada Chico, CA 12 oz poured into tulip

 A: Bright copper colored pour with a fluffy, generous head; about 2 fingers worth. Great lacing, with tremendous head retention

 N: Expected citrus and pine IPA aromas, but with plenty of depth to spare. Levels of floral hops layered with bready caramel. Grapefruit the most prevalent of the citrus, with hints of lemon

 T: Bitter hops with a lovely malt balance, the slight toast on the malts keeping the powerful piney and citrus hope beast at bay. A long deliciously bitter finish, excites the palate with the tang of orange zest and snippets of lemongrass. The whole cone hops are definite champs here.

 M: Crisp and refreshing with enough carbonation to balance the hop oils and not be to sudsy.

 O: A tremendous, steroid-infused IPA. A beginning hop-head dream, with every note played perfect in the IPA symphony. Completely textbook, and yet never boring. A real go-to for me, and has been for years. Sierra Nevada really is a great example of what a craft beer company can be long-term. Mature, develop, branch out...don't lose your roots.


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