Monday, April 16, 2012

We Bury the Hatchet

This is courtesy of Troy Ellis, a fellow Beer Geek, and sometime tasting companion. Thanks buddy!

Review #19
Buried Hatchet Stout  ABV: 8.25%
Southern Star Brewing Company  Conroe, TX  12 oz CAN into a snifter

A - If this makes any sense to you, it is a light, dark brown pour. Made sense to me. Its near as dark as most other double stouts. Itty bitty espresso colored head, with an even smaller amount of carbonbation rising to meet it.

S - Black currants, burned caramel, chocolate & raisins hit me all in a rush. Roast malts, with a cloying sweetness underlying. Smells of maple syrup. Or maybe just maple. A certain dampness to, like wet leaves on the ground.

T - A little think and watery tasting at first for a higher ABV beverage. All the flavors from the nose are present on the palate, kind of a piggy-back sensation from smell to taste. The dark, bitter chocolate cuts that overall sweetness of the other flavors so that everything balances very nicely in the end.

M - A very silky, medium-bodied mouth feel after the first one or two watery tastes. Don't know what that was about.

O - A very nice stout. My only real complaints are the 'too-light' on the dark brown spectrum appearance and initial thin taste. I really enjoyed this, and it doesn't smack you around quite as much as some other doubles. Thanks again, Troy!


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