Friday, March 9, 2012

A Russian Beast

Review #15
Old Rasputin XIV Barrel Aged Russian Imperial Stout  ABV: 11.5%
North Coast Brewing Co.  Ft. Bragg, CA  500ml brown bomber poured into Imperial pint glass

**First note: Although this looks and feels like a 750 ml, it is only 500 ml. I felt slightly ripped off.**

A - An amazing deep brown-black with little to no light transmission. Not any carbonation to speak of, and a creamed coffee, small head. Some moderate lacing, about what you'd expect really.

S - First whiff gives off aged oak and cocoa nibs. There is an underlying sweet vanilla, with a bourbon backbone. The bourbon is not overwhelming, but it is in the air. Wet bark and campfires came to mind; a fall campground perhaps. A rich sweetness sticks with you after the initial sniff.

T - Strong, with a dry finish. Definite alcohol warmth here. Every aroma comes through on flavor with the bourbon being a touch stronger on the palate. Toffee and roasted malts, with a distinct char feeling. Very well balanced, the sweetness plays well off of the dry, bitter chocolate and alcohol burn.

M - A bit thin for this style if I'm being fair. Not really enough flavor lingers after the swallow. My least favorite part. It does have a small amount of chewiness up front, it just fades far too quickly

O - This is borderline outstanding. A wonderful added depth to an already tremendous beer. Not flawless, but very good. A real treat on a cool evening to give you some inner warmth and fond memories of campfires and s'mores.


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mbutler said...

I've actually had this one before and your commentary is spot on. If it had a bit more complexity on the after taste, it would definitely be an outstanding brew.