Thursday, March 8, 2012

Its My Party & I'll Rye if I Want To

I am lazy. I am sorry. Meant to write this weekend, but between a dead hamster, a new cat, Leasea mandolin-ing her thumb, and a Kels ER visit, I sorta ran outta time. My bad. Forgive me?
So, a quick preface, I have not been a big fan of this style of beer before, so I went in a bit wary. I love this brewery and had heard nothing but great things though, so I gave her a run. Boy was I glad I did. Dangit, I just gave away the ending!

Review #14
Sierra Nevada Ruthless Rye IPA  ABV: 6.6%
Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, Chico, CA  12 oz. brown bottle poured into Sam Adams 'Perfect Pint'

A - This poured a deep, rich amber color with some amazing clarity. The head is a good 2 inches that retains well throughout. The lacing is quality, pure and simple. It looked like a 'measuring' wall behind a door in an old house, marking each sip for posterity

S - The pepper and grapefruit flavors smack you in the face with a strong yeast aroma fast on its heels. You can almost taste the rye bread in this, I wanted a Reuben instantly; I settled for drinking some Thousand Island. No, I actually didn't.

T - There is a powerful bitterness at play here which I could see putting some off, but its right up my alley. The slightly roasted malts and the caramel add plenty of balance for me. The rye really stands tall, and now I'm dang near kicking myself for bad planning and having no sandwich pairing. Plenty of citrus at work as well, adding that much more depth to the overall character. The alcohol doesn't come into play while chilled, but pushes to the forefront as it nears room temp.

M - Lively carbonation, keeps this feeling fresh throughout and the sugary residue clings to the lips and tongue, retaining the bitterness

O - Well, I gave it away up top, huh? I really like this. To be more clear though, IPAs are my favorite style hands down, I've just not truly appreciated a rye beer this much in the past. Well done, SN for making a lovely, balanced beer that changed my attitude. That said, if I could find bad note...I want more than 12 oz. Sorry, just can't do it. This was a cracker!


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mbutler said...

This was one of my favorites @the latest BJ's Brewery tasting. You hit the nail on the head, Son.