Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy February!

Well, the calendar has changed, the weather is still mild, and I am still keeping up with this. All wins in my book. Although this is still from last Friday, its getting the February kick-off write-up. I went for a special release beer this go round, so if you like what you read, snap it up, it won't be around long!
Review #6
Lagunitas Lucky 13 Anniversary Release  8.9% ABV
Lagunitas Brewing Company, Petaluma, CA A 22 oz brown bomber poured into an imperial pint glass

A - A golden, hazy orange. Amberesque, even. (Is that a word? Is now, used it in context.) Frothy white 1 & 1/2" head full of lacing and potential. Liking the look of this straight out of the gate.

S - Vanilla, grapefruit, some citrus rind, and strangely enough, a hint of a berry zing. The malt is there too, right on the hop's heels. Delightful and refreshing smelling, I know I have to be careful with this weighty of a beverage

T - Initial malt whack backed up immediately by a piny bitterness smack. Wasn't expecting that reversal after the aromas. Kinda got okie-doked there. I like it. Its certainly a good surprise as there is a weight to this beer that belies its strength. Its letting you know, I am an 8.9%, respect me...but in a nice way. Like your best friend, who you know has your back, and you're glad he does, because you wouldn't want him to turn on you. (Looking at you, Tim Conway) Its a bit of a rabbit hole there, hope you followed. Anyhow, its good, and I really enjoy the balance here.

M - An unctuous hop feel. Can almost feel that resin. Not awful, but a little off-putting at first taste. Didn't notice much after. Decent carbonation, medium body

D - Easy drinking overall. The magnitude is certainly there, but not oppressively so. Has alcohol heat to it, but it doesn't overpower or diminish the overall flavor. At 8.9%, it would be difficult to have more than one if you are out and about, but could easily drink several on a night in. Drinks like a maltier IPA. I like it and wish I had more than just one left.


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Sounds like a winner indeed!