Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Friday night

So for me, Friday's mean a couple of things. Its guy night, which for me encompasses poker and some quality beer. Nice thing about Friday's is that I get to sort of "teach" and share the beer I enjoy so much with some who are trying to develop their palates. Its fun, plus I can have an extra beer or two since I am sharing. Win-win.
Review #5

Deschutes (Yes, again. Got a problem with that?) Fresh Hop Mirror Pond  5.00% ABV
Brown bomber poured into goblet

Appearance - Bright and light amber color with a small amount of head. Not a lot of lacing, but what is present is in solid form

Smell - Grapefruit hits me first. Then some pine behind it. There is a hop earthiness undertone which is nice. Definite hop forward aromas, but even the smell leads you to believe it won't just be hop juice. A biscuit-y malt aroma is lingering around somewhere in here too

Taste - Grapefruit and now some peach making a play. A touch of honey and some citrus peel. All these light flavors are doing palate ping-pong and are quite delicious. Those earthy hops add a dryness on the finish. There are flavors of a big APA here, and its packed into a 5% beer with great balance. Pretty awesome

Mouthfeel - Very refreshing acidity here. On the thinner side of medium, but not unpleasant

Drinkability - Extremely drinkable. The acid and citrus flavors play like lemonade on a hot summer day and keep you reaching for another sip. The malt back-up makes it more than just a one dimensional brew and that low ABV certainly allows for more than one to be enjoyed. Overall, one of the more session-able ales I've had in the last year. PLEASE, bring Deschutes to Arkansas!!

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Dad said...

Love me some Deschutes of just about any flavor.