Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Weekend 2009

Okay, so it just happened that Halloween fell on our first chance to take a vacation. Kinda weird being away for Halloween, since it is very much a local thing. We didn't know neighborhoods, so we just let the kids dress up for dinner, then bought them some candy and had a pig out fest in the hotel room. At least it will be something different to remember.

Other nice things to remember include; visiting Nottingham Castle. A 1200 year old castle that has been a focal point for many historical events, one of which you probably didn't know, the Robin Hood Legend. Yeah, crazy name, I know, but he was aguy who robbed the rich to protest a false leadership and helped the poor. That sorta sums it up, but you should check it out, pretty cool stuff. Also it mark sthe spot of the decree which started the English Civil War. Who knew they had one of those too? Didn't get great pictures due to some strange weather and lighting, but we can prove we were there.

Attached to the castle, or more appropriately, the castle's cave system, is the oldest Inn in England/Pub in the the world. Kinda neat. Three stories (being generous here) all in the cave openings, and a pretty cool spot to think about the guys who had a pint (more likely a tankard back then, you're right) before soldiering off to the Crusades, or some such English whim.

Then there is Sherwood Forest. A large gathering of trees some 25 miles to the North of Nottingham (think Robin Hood actually jogged down to Nottingham?) with the main focal point being Major Oak, the oldest tree in England (Scotland has one older!), estimate to be about 800-1000 years old. Also said to be a meeting point/HQ for RH and his Merry Men. Very massive. Very impressive. Got me to thinking though. If that legend is 800 years old, and the tree is thereabouts or a little older, why were they meeting at that particular tree? Wasn't very impressive back then. Crazy legends and their convenient lies.

Also, Rian is starting to understand that Disney is a liar. She was upset (again) that there were no princesses at the castle and that RH was nowhere to be found. She did have a marvelous conversation with Baylie regarding their walking stick (because you HAVE to have a walking stick in the forest) wherein she told Baylie that "potentially" her stick was bigger after Baylie told her they were basically the same size. How does a dead stick have potential? Not sure, also not sure how a three year is spouting those kinda words. She sure doesn't get that vocab from her Dad (wink, wink)

And finally, this vacation was a nice retreat from a period of the year that has come to be full of memories, good and bad, for the Butler & McCallum & Collinsworth families. It is always the time of year I dread the most, and I try to keep as busy as possible during this time. For those of you who don't know, suffice it to say there has been a fair bit of tragedy (too strong?) and loss at this time of year, and for those of you who do know and may remember, thank you for your prayers and thoughts for my family.

Love you all!

Robin & Marian Statue

Robin Hood

Peek-a-boo! on the castle grounds

A Royal decree

The Inn/Pub since 1189

First cool tree we found

Rian inside said tree

A deep conversation, I'm sure

Major Oak with the girls

Major Oak

One more time

Forest Walk

Leasea in all her glory, designed by Rian

Happy Halloween!

New coat, e-mailing Nonni

Are you done, Mom?

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mbutler said...

Looks like you all had a great time! Wish we could have been with you. Love you all!