Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bat Crazy

I make no secret of the fact I am from Texas, and that I don't care for San Antonio. Tough to reconcile, because my folks, and many high school and college friends are either still there or return when I do. So it has become a meeting point for me. If you find yourself in the same situation, you have GOT to stop in to Freetail. On Loop 1604 and NW Military, they've been rocking the brewpub atmosphere with great food and atmosphere to boot for three and a half years. Scott, the Owner/Manager, has challenged other San Antonio restaurants to up their beer game, he has helped in the suit against Texas for beer freedom (HB 660), and has managed to grow the reputation of this little joint the whole way. Always with 6-8 of his own brews, he also carries a nice rotating selection of other local and craft beers. You will not be disappointed.

Review #34
Three - Anniversary Ale   ABV ??
Freetail Brewing Company  22 oz bottle poured into Imperial Pint Glass

*My father scored this on the bottle release day, see HB 660 link above for clarity.*

A - This pours the color of black walnut, with a small tan head that disappears in a blink to a light brown puddle in the center of the glass. Minimal retention, and decent lacing.

S - Chocolate malt, roast malt, and some coffee, a hint of sweetness on the second whiff, but overall, this is the weakest segment.

T - A hint of grassy hops underneath a large smack of chocolate and roasted, dark malts. Chocolate gives way to a smooth vanilla after a moment. The chocolate brings a smooth, milky sweetness; the roasted malts counter with oak and char. Just a whisper of smoke on the finish, but doesn't last long enough to register till the third or fourth sip. The alcohol comes forward as the glass, and the brew warm.

M - A medium, big body, but incredibly smooth. Lack of carbonation lends toward the fullness

O - A very decent offering. I have had better from Freetail, but this is incredibly drinkable. It has a porter smoothness, with a bit more depth than usual. I wish there was one closer--hint, hint, Scott, I'll open and run one up here...--but for now, I'll settle for Freetail being the meeting place for, a memory place. Friends old and new, great beer, great food, wonderful atmosphere, perfect place to catch up.


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mbutler said...

Sweet! Glad you liked it, Son. I know I did & while not my all time favorite brew from them, it is as you say, very, very drinkable!