Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Squatters Stands Tall

So, I had this beer quite awhile back, but i misplaced my notes, then I went on vacation. Then I found them, and went on another vacation. Then Summer hit, and the kids were home and, yep, another vacation. I was really excited when I wrote my notes for this one to, because if y'all don't know Squatters, then you're missing out. Not only do they make great beer, but they are superb at customer service and social media. I have never enjoyed a brew by these guys and not received a 'Cheers!' at the very least. In dialogue, they've even cheered me on about a future visit. Pretty outstanding, and I wish I could get some in Arkansas.
Oh shoot, I think I just gave away my objectivity. Anyhow, if you're still interested in this particular beer, read on!

Beer review #31
Outer Darkness   ABV: 10.5%   Russian Imperial Stout
Squatters Beers  Utah Brewers Coop.  Salt Lake City  750ml Bottle

A - For starters, this beer has a great label, with burning eyes staring at you out of an all black background. Very cool. Pours a jet black; thick and viscous with a large mocha colored head that takes its time to settle, leaving massive lacing.

S - There are aromas bursting from the glass. Before I even get close, I can smell molasses and tobacco, with woody tones. As I get closer, I am treated to a wide array of smells. There is a spice, maybe clove that fades into smoke, some definite licorice, and some vanilla sweetness. All of this plays on a bed of roasted dark malts, bringing forth the chocolate you'd suspect from a RIS

T - This is intense. There is an initial sweetness that quickly runs to string coffee. Chocolate malts and dark fruits are throughout, with some spice again, this time a bit more peppery. There is an alcohol heat in the back but it is all balanced by the richness of flavor that is in each sip. As it warms, the smoke and earth and wood become stronger players and the only sweetness is on the lips and in the molasses thickness.

M - Very robust, yet the carbonation seems to lighten and buoy this thick, oily black stout. Even the mouth feel has a tremendous balance to it.

O - Well, I sorta jumped the shark at the intro, but seriously, if you like dark beer, and don't try this? You're doing yourself a disservice and the rest of us that know and love Squatters will continue to imbibe in secret. They have a bar in SLC airport, so even if you can't make it out to one of their pubs, catch one on a layover. Mention them on Twitter, or Facebook, they'll shout back at ya. A really well run brewing company from brewers to social media, the way it should be done in today's age. You don't need advertising, you need a grass roots, word of mouth wildfire borne out of a quality product. Nail, meet head. Thanks, Squatters!



Squatters Pubs said...

Thanks! We appreciate this a lot! We will definitely share this with the brewers to let them know to keep up the good work.
We will work on getting to Arkansas for you too.
Squatters Pubs & Beers

mbutler said...

Love this RIS too! The label is what caught my eye initially but the taste is awesome! Great review, Chris.