Wednesday, July 11, 2012

For the Love

I haven't done this in awhile now. I have to admit, I got discouraged. I wasn't seeing page views, and I let it get to me. You know what though? Who cares. I am doing this for myself ultimately. I want you to read it; to like it, but in the end, I just like writing. So here we go again. Also, this brew was so unique, I couldn't NOT write about it. Thanks to Alex Roberts for the gift!

Beer review #27
Boulevard Love Child No.2   American Wild Ale  ABV 9.6%
Boulevard Brewing Company  Kansas City, MO   22 oz Bomber poured into a Maredsous Tulip

A - A deep amber pour with a slight haziness. A thin beige head with small bubbles and little lacing give this a less than perfect appearance when poured, but that is also part of the style. No points for or against it then I suppose.

N - Vinegar acidity hits the nose first, with cherries, raspberries and some woodiness. Lemon comes in on the back end, playing up the tartness further. There is a battle going on here just in the aroma for dominance between sweet/sour. Smells like a Kriek, a sour, a red wine that has, JUST gone bad. Its very interesting and not at all unpleasant. As it warms, more of the Belgian pronounced 'funk' comes in along with a heavier wood flavor, and bourbon. The aging is definitely more noticeable after it has relaxed.

T - Wow. A lemon tart, acid explosion gets run over by a rush of ripened fruit. Orange, berries, apples--even an apple cider twang. The finish is long with feelings of crusty bread, and the bourbon holds the final note. The Brett is strong throughout, and for those not used to this, it may feel like this beer has gone bad at first. Slow down, let it coat your palate, warm up. The oak, bourbon heat is a stronger presence than I imagined from the aroma, but it is mellowed by all the other flavors at play. A real three circus of flavor.

M - Very thick, and very strong. For beginner sour drinkers, I would suggest something a bit lower on the pucker scale, and work your way up.

O - This is not a beer I could've drank 10 years ago. Maybe not 5 years ago. And even though I enjoy it occasionally now, its not a style I could have even once a week. It is definitely not for the faint of heart, but for those beer aficionados out there, Boulevard really cranks out some interesting, top-notch stuff with their Smokestack series. There are just so many levels of flavor and aroma here, that if you can get past the vinegar, acid, tartness levels initially, you will find yourself enjoying a truly one-of-a-kind beer. One of the more unique beers I have had in a very long time, thanks again Alex!


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mbutler said...

I've had this one before, maybe with you, and your review is spot on! Nicely done.