Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ding, Ding. Round 2

Back to back days to kick things off. Mental juices are flowing. Beer is flowing. Good combo for a beer review blog. I think.
I chose the next beer to review carefully. Not because I'd heard great things or for its reputation, but for symbolic purposes. For 1, its an Arkansas brewed beer. So I went from England to Arkansas; English beer to Arkansas beer. Still with me? If so, congrats, have another drink. And 2, I sat down with this pint+ on the evening of the State of the Union address by President Obama. Obviously, I needed a beer to get through it.
So here it is, review #2:

Diamond Bear Two Term Double IPA (See, I'm trying to jinx the current POTUS from gaining 2 terms)
Brewed in Little Rock, AR, 8.5% ABV. 2 12oz brown bottles poured into a Thatcher's Arms Beer Festival Imperial Pint glass

Appearance - A golden sunset of a pour, with pumpkin hues. Absolutely gorgeous. About 1/2 inch of off white head with some very nice lacing possibilities. This has potential
Smell - Hmm. Kind of weak aroma for a double IPA. There are scents here, but none strong, none forthcoming. Some citrus, pine, orange, with some good malt tones and a hint of alcohol. I'm now a little less enthused, but I'm a trooper, so I soldier on.
Taste - OK, nice balance. Not too much alcohol heat for an 8.5% beer. That could be good, but more than likely bad. Its very smooth and far too easy a swallow for a double IPA. Much more IPA than its stronger brother.Definite pine flavors now, some yeasty breadiness. Citrus plays a small part in the background; more orange peel potpourri than the punch of a full fruit, however. Finishes dry, slightly bitter. Its good, but carries little complexity
Mouthfeel - Medium to full, decent carbonation. A low-level stickiness on the lips.
Drinkability - I like it. Don't love it. There isn't enough character or depth for me to call this an Imperial IPA. The alcohol bump seems to be the only separation from one to the other. Almost too balanced, with a drinkability of a 5-6% beer. Could be for a younger, "let's get ripped!" crowd, but I'm looking for something more. But no, I won't pour the other four of my sixer down the drain either.

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Dad said...

Who knew that Arkansas made beer! Good one, Chris.