Thursday, April 22, 2010


Here is a re-post from Facebook of all the Rian-isms from the first 9 months or so of England life. In chronological order as well, so for your viewing/reading enjoyment, I present Rian. And remember, laughter is the best medicine!

"Ohhh Dad this (vanilla) ice cream tastes like 3 million strawberries." Ummm, ok, Rian

2 new Rian gems while coloring today:

"I colored outside the lines to remind me not to, it's not an accident." &

"When I grow up to be a mommy, I'll play in a poker tournament with you, I will."

"Daddy, you're so nice, I just wanna send you to Heaven." Thanks, Rian, I don't know what to say.

Rian just started screaming at the top of her lungs in the back seat, I asked her what she was doing and the response was, "I'm not screaming, I'm singing like Fiona and trying to explode that bird over there." Might be time to stop watching Shrek

Me: "Rian, Daddy spent all day cleaning, why are you tearing stuff up?"

Rian, with a grin even: "it's just what I do, Dad."

Rian, upon seeing my new tattoo for the first time. "WHY YOU HAVE MY NAME?? YOU 'POSED TO HAVE YOUR NAME, NOT MINE!!" the put her face down in her arms, and huffed and puffed and pouted

While walking through Sherwood Forest, both girls with walking sticks:

Rian: "I have a big stick."

Baylie: "Rian, they are basically the same size."

Rian: "Well, potentially mine is bigger."

Potentially, really? Sure you're three?

Rian: "Here Dad, rub my new head bump (from meeting a door @school)"

Me: "No honey, Daddy doesn't want to hurt you"

Rian: "Then why do you spank me, huh?"

And walks away. I feel like I've been set up

Rian wailing in church because she only got a blessing and "nothing in her hand and no drinks!" (cracker and wine for Communion)

What an age we live in.

Me: "Rian, apologize to Kels." (she accidentally knocked her over)

Rian (walking away): "I will sent her a text message"

Latest Rian Red-bottom Retort:

Me: "Rian get your clothes on."

Rian: "I not like those pants!"

Me: "You can't always wear dresses, I think those are pretty."

Rian: "You wear them Daddy"

Me: "Rian, go to your room and sit in bed!"

Rian: "I sending me to bed first, not you!"

Upon hearing coughing from the bathroom; Me: "Don't drink your bath water Rian!" Rian "I not! I choking on it!"

Me: "Don't drink your bath water Rian!"

Rian: "I not! I choking on it!"

Rian's bones are bigger than last night, she has to grow up to go to work. Her words, not mine obviously.

Rian, in the bathtub with Kelsie: "Arggh, Kelsie. You're making me cross. Ahh its ok, even though you have a bad 'attitune,' I still love you."

"My body ate all of my ‘sunscream’ up cuz it wants me to get a tan."

Sigh, whatever, Rian.

And finally a prayer from the beginning of our journey over here:

After reading Franklin's Vowels: The Letter O, Short Sounds

"God and Jesus, welcome for my family, welcome we have a great day. So much fun. Please let no fox or hog or dog in my yard. Only a dog if its Maya. Please we can have a log and an otter to come over in my yard. Not a fire, for its hot, can burn my Kels. Welcome for only getting one scratch on my nose when I fell down the stairs. I want a top for Christmas or tomorrow. I had one yesterday."

Long pause.

Me: "Are you done? Say Amen."
Rian, "No, I listening."
Big Sigh.
Longer pause.
Rian, "Ok. Amen. Daddy, leave all the lights on for Maya to come visit, good night."


mbutler said...

Sigh...I just love thast kid!

Kelli said...

LOL, you could make a book out of these.

Breanna said...

Ha ha! Thanks for the laugh. That kid is funny... and smart! Abby's been trying to act like Fiona with her singing lately too. Fun. :)